February 17, 2010

Traveling doll Selene

Selene arrived from the UK days ago. She is a blank canvas with an awesome journal!
I don't even want to touch the journal, it is so beautiful! :o)
Well, This is how she looked when she arrived:

Picture by Jasmoon Butterfly

And this is how she looks today:
She is being transformed with color, soon she will have hair, then she will continue traveling to Florida where I'm sure she'll have lots of fun.


  1. Oh how exciting!She is looking good. Where does she end up? Wow, interesting. The traveling lady. How wonderful. Thx for sharing Martha. Take care.

  2. Thanks Gloria! At the end of her travelings she will go back home to the UK.

  3. wow!!!...hair too, you go Selene ...chuckle chuckle x I must get to work on Victoria, I wrote up her story then its on to you to tell her tale...this is such a great experience ;-)
    hugs Trace x

  4. Wow! So she will have travelled the country. Oooooh how exciting! Thanks for letting me know. Have a great Thursday. I made caldo for dinner. Actually it's from yesterday and I also made tortillas with chorizo and eggs. hehehe. :D so much for cutting back.

  5. Can't wait to see how this unfolds.

  6. See looks great! Luna is jealous!

  7. Hi Martha! Just saying hello. I was in Gloria's blog and saw your beautiful painting that she won and thought I'd drop by for a quick visit. I hope you had your roof fixed...what a pain! Hopefully it's over or it will be over really soon. Take care, and hugs!!


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