April 18, 2010

Do you like bears?

As I was surfing the blogs, I ended up in South Africa of all places (don't you love the net?)
And anyway, I bumped into a wonderful posting of a giveaway, by an artist in my neighbor state in AZ.
HERE is the link to Desertmountainbear:

And here is the bear:

I hope I am the lucky one! Next thing you know I will be bear-crazy hahaha But after my cute puppies (yes, they are still mine even if they are gone!) that look like polar bears, I kind of want to see bears.

Both my kids first toys were of course bears. For my son was a panda bear, and for my daughter is was a dark brown bear. Both stuffed animals still live with us.
And that is one fascinating thing about teddy-bears.... they stay with you for years! For ever in many cases.
And in my girls case... one is not enough. She has a whole tribe of bears of all kinds of colors, sizes and materials.


  1. Oh I love bears!! I used to make them when I first started out, then I found it too hard to stuff them and stitch the noses. My fingers would get really sore. I guess I was just destined to look at them...lol. I am off the see Desertmountainbear.

  2. Thanks so much for posting Ruth. I have thrown you name into the hat twice. Good Luck!

  3. Thanks for visiting and I have my fingers crossed!


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