April 12, 2010

Four little piggies went to market...

And one little piggy stayed home....

Actually, it was not piggies but doggies, and they didn't go to the market, but to a new home. :oP
This past few days have been crazy. We said good bye to Wickham first, then Bingley .... couple of days later Darcy left, then Bennet. Tomorrow a nice teacher will come and fall in love with Collins, who is very funny and full of energy.
Now they have different names (Champ, Sugar, Bolt, Doug) and soon, they won't remember me, which is a bit sad. But I won't have the marathon feedings and cleaning at 6 AM after five doggies and I am sure that by itself will make me miss them a bit less :oP


  1. Awww they are gorgeous but I'm sure they were alot of hard work. My parents foster dogs and sometimes they find it hard to say good bye when they find them new homes, but it's always good to see them head off to a new happy place :0)

    I'm having a giveaway on my blog so hop over for a chance to win one of my pendants :o) Take care

  2. OMG!! Those pictures are too funny!! My favorite is the little pup that ate the bug...ROFL
    You are such a special person to have taken care of those precious pups for so long. I am sure you will miss them, but not all the work that goes into taking care of puppies. I hope you will update once in a while, I would love to see them as they grow.

  3. Oh my gosh. Your captions are too funny. It is always still amazing how quickly we can get attached to cute little furry things. I hope you won't miss them too much.

  4. They are so cute, but I know a lot of work is involved. You will miss them though. You took very good care of them. Have a great day.

  5. Geesh!!!! They are so darned sweet, I know, I know I didn't have to look after them, but they really are darling.

  6. They all are so sweet, and with different dog personalities... I will miss them dearly. If I could, I would have kept them ALL.
    Thanks for your postings ladies!
    I still have some more pictures to post later. :o)

  7. They look so sweet :-) Thank you for your supportive comment on my blog :-) I was feeling a little sorry for myself I am afraid. Having a rant did help as well as my blog friends support thanks again :-) Juliet

  8. awww... my son would be beside himself and probably name them all Bolt.

    found your blog and art through schererart and have started following. interested to learn more about you and your art :)

  9. Oh my heart would break if I had to part with puppies like these! Imagine, I wept when Cockadoodle the rooster had to move away ;-D HAPPY WEEKEND! LuLu

  10. They are stars!
    These little rascals are the coolest doggie- gang I have ever seen.

  11. I just LOVE the names you gave them. Ahhh, I love Jane Austen.


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