April 16, 2010

Treasury and tips

I made an Etsy treasury:

LINK HERE for now... not sure how long it lasts.

Well, while making it, I realized something important for anyone that sells: In an online search you have the viewers attention for 2 seconds.Period!
If somehow your picture or text catches the viewers attention, they will click, if not.... they are gone.

I went hunting for items, and with the roll of observer/buyer. Usually when I shop I go for a specific item, so there's not real "hunting" but for this treasury I really understood the importance of a GOOD picture.
We all know it is important, yes. But did you know how much time the buyer's eye stays with your item? I didn't.
I thought it was much longer, as in 2 minutes!
I guess I should've known better.... I used to design billboards and printed ads.

TIP: Go try browsing as a buyer on your own listings and see how your pictures compare. Be critical and open minded. See things in the photograph, not only the item for sale. Is your picture blurry? dark? too many things in the background?
It should look focused, with good lighting and with a very simple background or something complementary to your item.
I wish I could post pictures of bad and good examples, but I'm afraid I would get in copyright trouble. And I am not going to go get permission to use a picture as a "bad" example :oP
Improving our pictures is hard but a wonderful opportunity to learn and have our work noticed!

Now, enjoy the treasury while it lasts!

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  1. Great idea viewing pics as a shopper, I know that's something I need to keep in mind...once I get around to actually filling up my poor neglected shop :(


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