April 27, 2010

Old banana ACEOs

I was re-organizing some files in the computer (since I burned the heck out of my skin, in our little outing over the weekend, I really don't want to go run errands till I am not purple anymore.... but that's another story!)
So anyway, I was going through a bunch of files and I found some old ACEO images I wanted to share here.
Some are from before I even started this blog, when the ACEO group was just barely over 100 people and we had one thread in the ebay group that was hilarious, and for one reason or another we started to discuss bananas.
My buddy Deb Company was there, and if I'm not mistaken, BlueEyeDuck as well. Gosh girls! Can you believe we have known each other for so long? I wish I remembered all the people at that moment! All I know is that I laughed till it hurt...
Based on that topic, we all went to make banana ACEOS, ...not food, mind you, but art cards inspired by bananas! :oP
Here's some of what I made then:

The ironic part is that this last ACEO about the last banana... didn't sell! I still have it! How is that for irony?? :oP
I might list it, it looks crisp and pristine like if I made it yesterday, which tells me that using good materials makes your work last for a long time.

I also found one Alice in Wonderland I painted/sold in 2005. Wow... and right now it is still the rage!


  1. I like all of them. They all look like you just painted them. I like the new look of your blog and
    Art Fire is great. Isn't it strange the way years have passed and then you realize that there are people you have been either blogging with or emailing for years. I remember the late 80's when QLink was the rage. Everyone was there "talking" so to speak. Steve Case was the president of that company and then he went on to run AOL. Funny thing is, I have never met any of my chatting friends. Take care and I'm sure you ACEO's will go fast.

  2. Gloria, isn't it funny? I have online friends for over 13 years now, and never met in person. I have seen them getting married, having babies, etc... and never in person, but that's the magic of the Internet, when used for nice positive reasons. Not virus and yucky stuff! LOL

  3. These banana ACEO's are hilarious! They do look like you just did them. What brands are you using?

    I'll bet you Alice one sells real fast!

    I know what you mean about having all these "virtual" friends. I am thrilled to meet such talented and interesting people. The internet and my computer are truly my window to the outside world!

  4. Thanks Jaime! I use Golden and Liquitex, most of the time I dilute with water so it looks like watercolors, without having the problem of "losing" your art if it gets wet like with watercolors.
    In fact, one time I was painting and accidentally dumped the whole cup of water on them and was in shock, but then I was relived to see that nothing happened to my ACEOs because it was acrylics.... wheew!

  5. hahahah LOVE those bananas such cute little characters, and the Alice in Wonderland one is gorgeous too!

  6. I love all of the banana peels in the bad ally! Too funny!

  7. Thanks Nicola, and Cole and Josephine! :o)

  8. I LOVE these banana ACEOs! The Alice one, too! Those banana ones are a hoot, though. Too cute!

  9. These are so cool! I really love the banana ACEO's. And Alice in Wonderland, how fun!


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