October 14, 2012

FaceBook note, and art

For some of those in facebook, you probably noticed a new little link that invites you to promote. Not everyone is seeing it yet, but I'm sure it is a matter of time.
When it is a business page, well, that might be ok, but for a personal page? I don't think it is right, specially when they will charge you about 6.00 dollars just to let your own readers see your post. More about it HERE
In any case, if you want to keep seeing my FB page, do the following:

To keep on RECEIVING POSTS you have to OPEN THE PAGE, hover the mo
use on the "Like" button near the gear symbol. In the pop-up select "ADD TO THE INTEREST LISTS".

So, "Like" the pages you want, then do step 1 and 2.

 Doing so will assure that you continue getting posts from ALL pages you love. Hopefully I will be on your list  (

Now, the art part of this post: These are the sample hair I made, to see what I'd like best for this particular page. I'm going with the pink so far.

 Thanks for visiting!


  1. Thanks for the info... I will look into it. I won't pay $6 when I can have a blog for free. Lol

    1. They say that about 10% of the messages get to the contacts...? What's the point of making a network then not let people network?? lol

  2. And forgot to say... Your art girls are cute!

  3. Thanks martha...I'm such a dinosaur I totally rely on peeps like you to warn me of these changes :D XXX

  4. Hi hi this looks like good fun. The girls are cute

  5. Love the pink too ;o) Sorry, I am not on Facebook!


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