October 7, 2012

Trip to the Museum

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We spend a wonderful day yesterday, visiting the Getty Museum, a couple of hours drive from our town. It is such a beautiful place! First thing I wanted to do, was to see one of my favorite paintings:
This was a happy day for Vincent, I think

 In previous visits, it had been too windy so we never really spend time in the gardens, but this time we had perfect weather and we enjoyed all the colors out there too.

Their exhibit for this fall is The Art of Devotion, from the middle ages:

 Don't forget to click after the cut to see more photos of exhibit!

They have this huge altar piece with doors, some of the red paint faded a lot, you can see it only in parts where the doors protected it from light. (This is the poster, the actual piece was hard to picture, no flash allowed and my pics turned out blurry.

I initially wanted a closer look at the angel but then noticed the rest of the scene... ugh.

One thing I always enjoy is paintings of the Madonna and baby. From every painter, any style. I just love them!

This one is probably the oldest I have ever seen, from 1290. Tempera on wood. Isn't it amazing that something painted so long ago is still preserved so well?

And from other collections, some of my favorite painters:


This one is from Cranach the elder, painted in 1526. I like both him and his son's art, they are quite similar, theyr faces are so rounded and pretty

I hope you liked this little collection.  Thanks for visiting!


  1. Enjoyable collection and post. I Visited The Louvre when in Paris recently, OMG... Hundreds of "Madonna & Child' for you to enjoy there.

  2. Love the Getty! just sort of hard to get there from Orange County where we live. I had a professor who did our lecture for literature there...we would just wander from gallery to gallery, sit for a few min, discuss some point, and move on.....
    love Madonnas too....do you remember who is the painter of the older one you showed? It does look familiar, but cannot remember for sure. Did you eat at the cafe?

    1. The painter of that Madonna is credited to "Master of Saint Cecilia". Italian, active about 1290 -1320.
      Yes, we ate there, by the windows, in front of the bougainvilleas.... so beautiful (and yummy!) We also got some brownies, the best I ever had!

  3. Martha what an amazing collection you shared with us! Thank you! You truly must have had a wonderful day ;o) Big Hugs ;o)

  4. Looks likes fun trip... Glad you got to go!


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