October 4, 2012

October news and Giveaway!

I spent tons of hours the last couple of days, opening a new Etsy shop, and listing dolls and ACEO. That is just part of what I had mentioned days ago.
I do not know if it is crazy to separate everything, instead of keeping it in the same shop.... but people keep saying not to mix different art (And some go as far as not to mix styles or different mediums... I am not to go there, forget it! :oP)

So, all my little art and tiny dolls have a new nest. Called ACEOandArtDolls. Can't be more specific than that (✿◠‿◠)   Click HERE to see and wish me luck :o)

And now for the Giveaway!
Update: Winners HERE 
  The "almost 600" giveaway... so exciting!

These are original paintings, acrylics and medium, lots of texture and layers, on heavy watercolor paper.

For my US friends 11.5x9 inches :

For other countries I have this (All countries can play!): 11.5x9 inches

If you want to play to win one of them, you can:

-Post here and tell me to add you, here in THIS post.
Additionally, if you want...
-Share in FB and come to post you did
-Share in twitter, come and post here
-Share in your blog with the button, or just a post;

..if you like something you see, follow my FB PAGE or my YT CHANNEL
But ONLY if you like it, you don't have to! :o)

-Post or share in any other network you like, and that will be another entry to win!
 So that is a bunch of chances to have your name drawn, increasing the chances.
If there is a lot of people participating, I will add more art to giveaway.

I will randomly select a US winner and an international winner on the 15th of October.
Make sure there is a way for me to contact you! Private profiles won't allow me a way to notify winners.
And more close-ups of the art HERE


  1. I love them both and wishing you lots of luck with the new Etsy store! I have three myself so I know what a pain it can be separating everything.

  2. These are wonderful! I hope the giveaway goes well for you!!

  3. Your givaway paintings are beautiful Martha, you can add me as one of the hopefuls:) Good Luck with your new Etsy store. I have been over to take a peek and it looks great.

  4. Love that image Martha...please add me to your "other countries" list :d Will do the blogging and stuff, but not today :D XXX

  5. They are beautiful! I wish you much luck with your Etsy!


  6. Please add me to your other countries list ;o) You know, I wish you all the best in your new store! Almost 600 people! Wow! That's alot!!

  7. Congratulations Martha. 600 is awesome!
    I don't have anywhere to hang larger art, so I will let someone else win them!
    Good Luck everyone!

  8. Oh, love them! So yes, please add me to your "other countries" list. I shared your give-away on Magically Mixed art Community on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/193006044073263/ Good luck with your Etsy-store! Sounds exciting.

  9. Ayala, add me to your list, of winners I hope! Always love your art and your name too! Unique and easy to remember! Sanna
    PS:I will add you to my blog following and post a link if I can figure it out! Think I can done it before. ALWAYS GONNA LIKE YOU ON FB TOO!
    MY BLOG IS" http://wwwsannasartmind.blogspot.com/

  10. Congratulations on your Etsy store. I will go right there to see what you have available. You will surely become one of my Favorites!

  11. They're great! Please add me:)
    And I shared with my FB - as well as liking your FB ( and i did like it too:) )

  12. And you might like to share your work on Mandarin Orange Monday:)

  13. Congratulations on 600 and a new etsy store! Busy times! I love your paintings and would love to be added to the "other countries" giveaway!

  14. Would love to be entered into your giveaway - had great fun with the 21 faces challenge - will def share some ORANGE work - coming from Africa one of most used colours.

  15. your work is lovely...how cool "almost 600"...i have an etsy shop with a variety of items...what i've done is make sections but i list them all in my one shop...when i feel the need i will "sort" my shop by color, or style, or type of item so when someone visits it is pleasing to the eyes...
    i'll post this on FB and twitter as well... :)

  16. Beautiful! please add me

  17. Woohoo, off to post on my Facebook page now, and YES please add me too :)

  18. Please add me too. The faces are beautiful.

  19. How absolutely exciting. I found out about the giveaway and your almost 600 followers (which is 605 mow!) from SunshineShelle. I'm so glad. I love the pink details, the posture, the shape of the head... do add my name to the hat ;-)


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