October 8, 2012


I am re-posting an image, from the WIP of the art that is for an international winner of my "almost 600 followers giveaway" which, we are 3 more over by now, thanks! Don't forget to click and post there, to play)
... And welcome to my blog all new readers! Feel free to ask questions, make comments and click all over the links and older posts.

So, the reason for the post is "orange" which is about this awesome blog I was invited to participate in, for Mondays. I do love the orange color, it is one of those hard to place, but oh-so-happy when you see it in art!
I use it often. As under painting like this case, or as a background, or in details.

Visit the MoM Mandarin Orange Monday blog and have fun too! (Greetings to all my Australian friends!)


  1. Hi from Australia via MOM! I love this painting, it is vibrant and alive yet at the same time restful and calming. What a lovely combination! Thanks for dropping by my blog too:)

  2. I love this serene colorful woman...so contemplative and well quiet. Peace, Mary Helen

  3. Now I know why that image looks so warm and contented :D XXX

  4. Thanks you Ayala for creating this wonderful work for Mandarin Orange Monday:) And the nice words:)
    It is a lovely composition - i like the contained pose, the curves and the vibrant colour. I also like the free brush work combined with the delicate line. Beautiful! Thank you for being part of MoM:)

  5. So beautiful..gorgeous glowing color palette..your art is full of soulful poetry and beauty!Serene!
    Visiting from MoM! Wonderful entry!

  6. Martha, your painting is gorgeous. The combination of colors is really exciting.

  7. What vibrant colors you've chosen! These colors give your painting such a great energy!

  8. I think this image is so beautiful in these colors ;o)


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