December 31, 2012

Good bye 2012

This year that is coming to an end, had many blessings, and some really bad things. In a personal level...
We said good bye to my mother in law, and even when she had been ill for a long time, it still was hard to believe that we won't see her anymore. A great part of my family memories happened around her or in her house. Couldn't ask for better  in-laws, they both were a blessing in my life.
My dad fell ill, but is doing much better.
My son graduated from HS with good grades, my baby girl turned 15... my husband and I celebrated happy 20 years together ♥ All of these are blessings.

In an artsy level, I feel I grew more as a painter in some ways, but procrastinated in others. Like I have said before, balance doesn't come easy to me, but I at least try to enjoy the battle.
Celebrating the leap year with portraits was a wonderful experience, and I had the pleasure to play and meet so many other art inclined people, from all over the world. What a joy!

I guess life is like that. Along with the good, comes the sad, and mixed with the tears come some smiles.

My wish for you, my dear blog friends, is that you have more smiles and joyful moments than sadness. That you have always good company and health to enjoy the time together, and that you will always find the beauty around you and the time to capture it on paper or canvas with your brush. (or pencil... or mouse... or camera... you get the point).

I will not make unrealistic resolutions, since most of them fall to crumbs within weeks then I feel bad. But I do want to keep doing the best I can, as much as I can, for as long as I can. In the most positive and constructive ways.

I hope you will continue visiting my blog, and also participate in the next "29 faces" coming next February!  Hugs and blessings.


  1. And may your 2013 be full of inspiration and growth to you and your family.


  2. Happy New Year to you! I want to say thanks for all the "faces" challenges. They really helped me improve on an artistic level this year.

  3. Happy New Year to you too!! Hugs!

  4. Happy New Year My friend ;o) Big Hugs and many blessings!

  5. Hi Martha. Happy New Year to you and yes we've all had the sad, the good, the happy, and more. We do go on and do the best we can and I'm sure you will do wonderful this year too. Hope all is well and wow!, a new year older. tee hee.:) Take care.

  6. Happy New Year Martha... Sorry you lost your MIL. Hope your dad will be ok. Hope 2013 will be a good year for you!


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