December 3, 2012

OMG! December...

What happened to my year! It was brand new not too long ago...

Well, at least we have nice weather. Just a hint of rain and cool breeze.
I went out to take pictures of my flowers before the real winter gets here and most of them go dormant. I had my photo assistant cat following me and directing the shots :oD

 Click after the brake to see all the images...
Amazing color, and a very soft perfume:

This yellow one stays flowering all year long, a bit less flowers in June:

Seems like my plumbago is growing! Love the periwinkle color!

This is supposed to have a strong orange hue in it... go figure!

Not the best picture but beautiful flowers anyway:

I think this is the best time for the heavenly bamboo:

The very last of the flowers on this ground cover, which isn't covering much...

I have been repainting a couple of pieces, I will post them tomorrow. Also I have been visiting little by little the PPF list, but my goodness, so many members! That so great yes, only that takes me for ever to go visit them all.  :oP


  1. This has been a remarkable December and your photos prove it. It was in the 60's today here as I drove over the the hospital clinic for my appointment with the research doctor. I love days like these but I do know they are shortly going to vanish into real winter. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

    1. Usually we have fog and it's cold, but this past weeks we have been having very nice weather, out of season, but lovely.
      The only bad part is that wee need the frozen weather to kill the bad bugs.....

  2. Your photo assistant cat did an excellent job! He deserved to be featured too! Beautiful snapshot of your garden. The bird of paradise ( one of the few flowers i can name!) looks most resplendent in all its glory! Thank you for taking part in Mandarin Orange Monday:)

    1. isn't he funny? XoD I should post more pictures of him

  3. Hi Martha ;o) I love seeing kitty ;o) So cute! What gorgeous flowers too! Wow! My friend, I am sorry I never e-mailed you back! I will, promise! Thanks so much for offering to help me out ;o) Hugs ;o)

    1. Yes, if you can't figure it out, just email me, I'll help you :oD

  4. Beautiful flowers. And what a sweet kitty!


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