December 21, 2012

Nothing much

So.... we made it. I knew it before hand because my buddies in Australia and New Zealand told me so lol

Anyway, I am happy that the last 2 nights we had frost, which is necessary to get rid of all the unwanted bugs, that brings a cold but crisp day afterwards. Which is unusual this time of year where we usually have gray fog. It helps with my holiday issues.
Do you have the winter blues? (no, not you guys in the South Hemisphere!)

I get the ups and downs... too many sad things going on, but I am blessed with my family so I can't complain...:oP

In case you have not noticed, there's not much art going on at my table lately, but I managed to make the text-image posted here with one of my cool fonts :o)

Are you ready for Christmas???


  1. I'm ready for Santa ;o) Mom is making homemade bread and buns today ;o) I don't get winter blues! I love this time of year ;o) Big Hugs and Merry Christmas ;o)

  2. Iam the opposite lolI get the summer blues... I don't get out in the summer much and so gets depressing. In the winter I am happier than ever lol love winter.


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