May 7, 2010

Anonymous and private?

Have you noticed that lately, the fashion is to take all your internet info/junk OUT without telling you?
Really, WHO wants to have all their movements tracked and displayed without being told first? I frankly don't care to see who did what after reading an email in yahoo or hotmail... And I am sure they are just mimicking facebook, who has this obsession of taking everyone's "cyber laundry" to hang out the window. ugh!
At least in ning you have the chance of canceling! Or "had".... who knows what the new ning changes are, for 500.00 a year they want now... But I won't go there! :oP

Now, I do love reading blogs, checking on listings and pictures etc.... read what the author intended to share with readers! But what I don't like is the step-by-step description of activity from contacts AND their contacts... agh!
I don't want my stuff to hang out, and I don't really want to read of "activities" others do in their pages. That's a waste of space, time... and a horrible lack of privacy!
Someone needs to make a big sign saying "ATTENTION NETWORKS: give members a clear way to opt out of updates and sharing!"
I had to go through a bunch of pages and buttons to find how to stop seeing that from others in hotmail/yahoo plus their beacons.
Really, don't think for a second you are anonymous or have a private visit anymore :oP If you say hello to jane doe, it will show as an update somewhere unexpected, not only jane doe's space :oB
...yeah, makes me crabby. Where's my chocolate?


  1. Hi Martha. Noting's private anymore. Even the Government knows every move we make. I don't hang out in Facebook because it is like being downtown on a crowded street. I do have Twitter but rarely go there. All I have is Blogspot, my AT&T Yahoo who is my carrier and my email. When I want to look something up I use the "private" page that ATT/yahoo provides. It doesn't allow other peoples to view where you have been looking for etc. At least that's what they say. Anyhoooooo. Tee Hee. Have a great rest of the week. I just pulled out a huge book I have on Frida and I feel like painting one of her paintings. We are allowed to paint the same painting as long as the person is deceased. Right? right. :DDD seeya later.

  2. Chocolate? Did you say Chocolate?! It is a little creepy. I can probably be seen from outer space sitting here typing this comment! :)

  3. Gloria, as far as I know, the copy right is for 70, 80 years after the artist died? If the relatives don't have a hold to it, like in some cases with music and such.
    But paint the Frida! You can make her your own style :oD

  4. Jane, there is a little green guy looking at us from out there, thinking wee hoomans make things too complicated hehehee :op


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