May 19, 2010

News about Luna

So, Luna finally arrived to the UK, right? After all the grounded planes, delayed shipping, volcanoes erupting and all that. Well she's been having fun with Victoria, just look at the pictures HERE in Tracey McCartney's blog! I love the golden moon Raedell made!

photo by Tracey McCartney

I already made Victoria's story, now all I have to do is wait for her to get here, and I'll make sure she gets some clothes on LoL Something nice, with a great color for a redhead. hmmm I am thinking green. Well, yes, I was thinking green with Luna too, scratch that.... Maybe dark blue.... or pale soft pink.... black and white polka dots....
What do you think? :o)


  1. What an awesome idea to have a traveling doll. This photo is too cool, very nice indeed!!

  2. Thanks! It's been wonderful to work on someone's doll :o)

  3. How lucky that this beautiful doll has gotten to travel all over. Can you imagine if she could talk, she'd have stories to tell. Very nice.

  4. I think if she could talk, she would say "who put me in the box!" hhehe

  5. They look great together....Luna with her pale green hair and Victoria with her "Oh So Red" lips. I can't wait to see her dressed. I guess I should put a hint of Selene's clothes on my blog. Luna is there now.


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