May 5, 2010

I don't know about you, but...

Seriously, do people really need to use the F bomb? Do we actually need to type it in an online network? Or say it in a video and upload it? Oi!
Sorry to say, but I have deleted people from my lists in several networks due to that...... I know we all get frustrated at times but really, do not waste time typing the F word. It looks goofy to me, sounds yucky and I don't enjoy opening my "whatever network" page to read new postings and have the ugly word jumping in there.
Well, of course, unless they want to attract the cursing feisty type of audience.
Not me, thank you very much. :o)

If the cursing words were "chair" and "table" a lot of people would be saying chair and table. Just to be that way :oP

Panzón agrees with me.


  1. ...and you tell Panzon that he is right. No cussing allowed. dern, darn and stuff like that is a okay. Although I once did say the F word on a blog, but everyone on their comment to this blog had said it just to say it and not really offend anyone. It was just that the person who the blog belonged to said the word from time to time on her blog. It was her blog and she is no longer with us and so everyone paid that tribute and said "F" cancer. That was what it was about.
    I do agree with you though. I would take them off my list if it was constant "F" this or "F" that.

    Oh well I better "F"ing go and that was "Frigging" go. :DDD
    Tee Hee

  2. Gloria, you are a naughty girl LOL

    Well, I certainly agree about it in the case of cancer though :o(


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