May 13, 2010

Snail on the run

Having a kid that loves animals has taken me back to my own childhood, when I myself loved ALL animals. The only difference is that we didn't have a carpeted house (where animals indiscretions can and will leave an undetected mess for days) And the fact that my dad had a magic trick, where all my collected animals would randomly disappear eventually. All except my adored chihuahua, that lived with us for 18 years.
We have rescued, fixed, helped, fed a bunch of animals which usually we manage to find a new good home for them.... As you might remember our latest experience with Scrofie's 5 boys. :o) (I'll get updates on them soon!)

So, while working in the yard few days ago we found a HUGE snail, and of course we had to place him in a little new house, right? Well, after making a snail house out of a plastic bottle with a net secured with a rubber band on top for ventilation, and a jungle of leaves for food and habitat, he settled in the kitchen by a shady wall. They wanted to name him "Keeper". I wanted to name him "Goner". We settled for "Cooper"
Yesterday I found the bottle horizontal, opened ....and snailess! agh! The only thing left was his poo :oP
Where is Cooper??

After school, I showed the kids the empty "snail house" and asked them if they knew why it was opened and if they have seen the snail.
Imagine my delight when I heard my daughter say "oh, maybe they went for a stroll together"
"...I brought another snail to keep him company" she said.
I'm speechless for a minute. agh!

At least it wasn't as bad as when I was her age, and brought a bag full of snails to my grandma's house, and forgot it in her bathroom. I was so proud of myself, I had collected like 30 in my little paper bag.
They were still finding snails in strange places a month later. XoP

As it turns out, Cooper was art inclined. I found him by my paint's box, tucked in behind the corner. He is residing outside again as you can see in the picture, but he didn't want to smile for the camera. The other one, I guess will be in a French l'escargot dish when I find him, sneaky thing.... XoD


  1. ehehe we found a turtle once when I was a kid and he magically disappeared too. It was probably a good thing since our cat was inclined to play with anything that moved.

  2. We had one too!@ But she dug a hole one winter... I guess she came up in some other yard!? LoL


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