August 2, 2010

Frida Celebration -part Two

Here are more inspired Fridas creations, for the ADO mini challenge of July.
See the first post for more ADO Frida dolls HERE

My doll is finished and I am particularly proud, because seems like I can't ever finish a challenge in time!
Here are some pictures:

Click on the links at each picture to see more of each doll maker!
Some cool costumes:

 A pretty sculpted bust:

A little deer by Evelyn:


  1. Your doll is beautiful as are the rest. How fun making dolls. I have to try to make another. I've only made one or two and they turned out not so good. But it was fun. Very nice.

  2. Thanks! I wish we were closer, and then we could work on a doll together! I take a long time to work on one, but it is a lot of fun!

  3. she is wonderful! and a great picture of her as well. You should be proud!

  4. Your doll is beautiful! I just want to give her a hug. Thank you for including my little Frida. Everyone's looks beautiful!

  5. Wow, awesome job!!! Such a beautiful doll, and so great that you got her finished in time for the challenge! And wow,LOVE all the other dolls, too!!

  6. Your doll is so precious! I am happy you finished her! I just want to take her up and give her a big hug~ xoxo

  7. amiga!!! Felicidades me super gustó tu Frida, es muy original y sin duda tiene todo tu estilo.
    Ya sabes que me encantan tus creaciones.
    Esta propuesta de Frida es muy linda. Disfrute mucho verla!!

    Un abrazo desde México!!!


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