August 30, 2010

Is it that time of the year already....?

One kid sick with a stuffy nose and fever... gosh! it isn't even cold yet! Fall weather doesn't get here till December, usually :oP just kidding, we can get horrible fog any time after October.
Oh well, let's talk about art, shall we?
I just finished some details on this girl and I am very happy with it:

The Maguey leaves (are they called leaves too, in this kind of a plant?) have a lot of detail ans layers :o)
I just learned is called "Century plant" in English, thanks to Wikipedia :oP

Time to do some more art!


  1. She's beautiful Martha, as always ;o)

  2. She's totally dreamy : ) the leaves are great too : ) I don't think I've seen them before, are they tropical?


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