August 25, 2010

Last days of summer vacation

The past week went in a rush like in a blur.  We have been doing tons of things, being the last week of vacation, then the first week of back to school. I started this post several times and it never got published so here I am, editing it one more time now that I have internet service again... I won't even go into the broken pipe in the front yard or any of the variety of household situations.... all I say is, I'm back and I want cake!! :oP

Talking about cake, today, 16 years ago, I became a mother for the first time, to a cute and noisy baby, who has turned into a tall young man, with a wonderful heart. And, who is going to share his cake with me if I stop talking about him...  He's still noisy :o)

And in other news, we are being part of a challenge! Please vote for Andie and her art HERE she has 3 ACEO cards in there.
These are some of the paintings  I've been working on:

OK, time to hit the publish button!


  1. Hey Martha ;o) Happy Birthday to your son!!! And, I love the new aceo's ;o))))

  2. Love these...are they watercolors? Very cute :)

  3. Thanks Stacy!
    Whimsy, as for the art, they are basically like watercolours, but I use acrylics.


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