April 25, 2011

25% creating time and 75% promoting time

There was a very interesting discussion in one group. A new member was asking about how to go from hobby to professional artist/artisan, and how to promote.
Don't we all want to know the right path? Even if you have been a pro for a while, the road is not easy and marked. Although there are awesome people that can pintpoint you here and there.

Years ago in a workshop I took, the painter said that you should spend 25% of your time creating and 75% promoting, but I don't know about that.... that 75% can turn easy into 101% if we are not careful. And at the same time, if what we do is original and catchy, the 25% can turn into a 90%, once you have an audience or have selected the right networking for your craft.

Along with the talk on widgets for blogs, art websites and online shops, we talked about some cool sites.

I am tempted to do the Tumblr too, and there's another interesting site called Posterous which looks very nice and has a lot of audience too. Oh and lets not forget Devianart, just to name a few.... Some time ago I posted about this same thing, with like 200 networking sites! Agh!
But  the thing is to keep up with the postings! Not to spread too thin because it is easy to get lost in the "networking" and soon you are not really creating.
There are sites that allow you to post the same thing everywhere. Can't remember the name right now, but I did not like the idea to have the same text posted all over...? And what about reading the wave of comments? (That is assuming anyone feels like commenting! -insert lonely cricket sound here-) LoL

In 2009 I did a heavy duty cut in my online stuff: Left groups and activities that I was not really into it anymore, or were not giving me back something positive; left websites and all kinds of online places, and reduced my time too, so that I do have the time to work on the things I love. Slowly but surely.

It was hard at the time, but made me feel so much better.  How do you deal with it? What steps do you take to "make time" and let the world know?
UPDATE: Just by coincidence I saw This Today, and its pretty much what I was thinking about  when I posted in my blog. Very interesting!


  1. Very good and thought provoking post. I think I spend too much time on line now. Time I could use better I think:)

  2. Hey Martha, great post! For me, I love my blog and etsy and the aceo group. Otherwise, if I was on facebook, twitter, and everything else, I would be on the internet too much and that's not good! I also find doing giveaways, is a good way to promote too! You never know, that person who won, might be a customer one day! Take Care!

  3. Hey Martha, it sort of drives me crazy... I keep thinking I should be doing more art, but the 'promoting' time mmmm I don't think the promoting does a lot of good in my case, truthfully, I just like the 'social' interaction, and then I feel a bit guilty if I don't do it (blog, answer group discussions etc) for a while... I recently did the 'Facebook' thing but not sure, I don't see how anyone is more likely to find my art there than Etsy? I think we tend to like & communicate with other artists, but a lot of the buyers aren't artist so I guess they are the ones you need to get to if you want to sell??... so maybe local shops, markets, galleries, maybe school newsletters offering discounts (or percentage back to school) on 'customised' leaving a couple of pieces on display with coupons or business cards, doing 'local' may get more results??? I have no idea, but I work from home, so I must admit my blog & shop & the group, I love & it to me has opened up a whole of wonderful people I was isolated from before... I'm probably no help, but it's a great discussion & point raised ;)

  4. Yes, too many places, so little time!
    I love doing giveaways, I have been doing 3 or 4 a year for a while now... and feels like it's about time to have another one soon! :oD

  5. Shelle, that is the best thing! The great chance it gives us to meet awesome people from the other side of the planet...

  6. Very powerful thought provoking post...I try to stay connected with my humble post/blog but I find the facebook truly time consuming even though I vaguely participate...Thank you for your insight. PEACE. Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  7. Good post and something to think about. I think most of us as artist have to set the right boundaries for ourselves.

  8. I've been trying to find an audience for my little blog. I enjoy creating it, but don't know who might be interested or how to get it out there? Perhaps I need to spend more time on the art itself?

  9. facebook is still scary to me, overwhelming :oP
    Kimberly, that's so right! we have to do it ourselves, as we see fit.
    Andree I think the more you post in your blog, and visit other blogs, your name gets out there. I guess it's one of those things where being constant does pay. :o]


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