April 1, 2011

it's Friday!

I hope you won't get fool too many times. Here, by the time it was 7 am we got 4 pranks! Gosh... (And 3 of them was just me!) LoL
For friends in other countries, this is similar to All Saints day in December, where they play jokes of all kinds to a poor innocent soul. :oP
Have an awesome day!


  1. Only prank for me today was one from Mother Nature: a little snow in PA.

  2. wow... we are in the 80's today! And very humid too.

  3. Very funny Martha! Thanks for the laugh and smile!

  4. We had snow today...pranks enough!!! Happy Fool's Day! Peace, Mary Helen

  5. Thanks for stopping by ladies!
    Snow? That is a big Nature's prank this time of year!


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