April 3, 2011

Small, tiny and super tiny

I was making a polymer clay baby in a smaller size than what I usually make... but it still was too big for what I needed.
One is 3 inches, the other 2.50 more or less
 So I made an even smaller one. It turned out cute if I may say so myself, first time I make babies with closed eyes. They both have a soft body and moving limbs.... and the tiniest toes  Xo)

But... it still was too big! So I ended up doing the smallest clay baby I have ever made.

The third baby has a solid body... and it's cold!

I wish I could take a closer picture. Even with my zoom still doesn't show the toes and wrinkles heheeh
The fist one still needs an outfit and hair.

She has hair and a dress now

The second one, just her hat took me the whole day to make that little thing! And for the third one I made a bonnet smaller than that.
Ah, much better with a hat and a blankie!

I will post more pics as I go.  :oD


  1. They are such lovely and cute:) I greet and wish you a peaceful night

  2. They are sweet.I am not surprised it took so long, it is often diffucult to make miniatures like those bonnets, very fiddly.


  4. OMG Martha!! How precious!! Beautiful!! You are so talented! I love them!!! A+++ Are you selling them???

  5. Martha, they are so precious! Great job. I like those. Wish I could make them. I have a lot of clay but it just sits there. How fun, thanks for sharing dear. Take care.

  6. They look wonderful! So tiny and cute! Perfect for spring.

  7. Thanks for such nice words :o)
    Yes I want to list them, I'm just not sure if in etsy or ebay yet

  8. They look so sweet!!! so tiny!! :)

  9. Thanks for letting me know Martha ;o) Take Care!

  10. They are just wonderful! So Sweet!

  11. These would look so adorable in someones Easter Basket! I will keep checking your Etsy store!


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