April 18, 2011

Easter week

Hi there! I am here, spending a semi-quiet Easter week, the kids out from school and of course driving their mama crazy (and I do not need help to get any crazier, thanks) :oP
I hope everyone is having a good week with nice weather.
I have been doing some needed gardening, some house things and frankly not a lot of time for artsy things. But I am slowly working on a doll's hair and other projects when I have a little break.
Hopefully I will have pictures to show my efforts ;o)
I'm really dreading summer vacation :o]


  1. Yes, it seems that Life gets in the way of hiding in the studio all day :(

    ...but, it makes the time we get back in that much more special...haha!

  2. More special, yes! And you crave it!

  3. LOL! You'll be dreading summer vacation!! I hope your week is going well!

  4. Happy Easter Martha ;o) I hope you have a great weekend and tell your kids, when summer comes, you need at least one day to yourself ;o) Take Care!

  5. Get them working on their own little projects (away from mommy) LOL!

  6. Thanks Stacy same to you! :o*
    Shelle, I do, believe me LoL But some times is like herding cats XoD


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