April 13, 2011

These past few days...

... have been so crazy busy with all kinds of things! House stuff, kids stuff, life stuff. But one awesome stuff is that, coincidentally, I have many visiting Art Dolls at the same time!

I have a sweet piggy from Sue, in the touring babies (I still have to take nice pics):

A gypsy (made by Jenna), here visiting with Wren (made by Jan) And dear Wren just left with baby Ingrid.

A monsterish lady, who is getting a body (from Mealy Monster Land) -I don't have pictures ready for posting but she is looking awesome!

...Oh! And remember Zeb and Calee? They sent a postcard!

Thanks Lezlei, that was a really cute idea!
Now I have to plan to sit and list in my shop all kinds of goodies that I have ready to go. One more baby will go soon to ebay, and more ACEO to my Etsy shop.


  1. You are busy Martha, and it's amazing how much time it takes to 'list' art & creations for sale, my least fav part but helps fund new projects ;) If only I was a faster typer LOL! Cool Post & links, stay busy (but not too busy) ;)

  2. You should open a Dolly Hotel. :~D

  3. Yes, the typing and going through the form takes time1I like it better now that they have the "copy" button. Saves a couple of minutes!

  4. Jan, maybe we can call it "Hotel California" oh, nevermind hehehe

  5. Fantastic post Martha! You have been busy! Sweet piggy is adorable! I love all the dolls! Take Care ;o)


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