June 24, 2011

Gardening, summer lovers and a toad

Gardening is fun. Well, most of the time anyway :oP I have been working on the yard and it's been 102 to 107 out there (39 to 42 C)... imagine me. I cleared one flower bed and clipped ONE little bush, I was red, sweaty, suffocated, trembling, palpitating and I was so sure it was my last day on Earth (...and it was not going to be posted online!!) LOL :oB
So, I have been doing the rest very early in the day when it is only in the 80's (almost get a sweater, really)
I have to deal in the front with kitty Panz√≥n, who is sure his potty room is getting bigger by me clearing the flower bed, he sniffs around and leaves a sample... and in the back I have to convince Scruffie that not every stick I toss is for her to bring back or turn into 50 pieces.   Oi!

Lately I just get tired and sweaty mainly by adding dirt to holes that Scruffie keeps making bigger each time. The neighbors have a big new male dog, and the summer lovers have this ardent passion to meet in person. Is it still "in person" when they are dogs? Should it be dogson? doggedly? Well, lets say that they want a face to face visit and it has to be through the fence, so they are digging in both directions. Imagine my delight.
Ugh! A visit to the vet is overdue :o(

Well, anyway, look at the treasure I found hidden in the philodendron:

Such a beauty! I think I'm going to paint it. Feel free to do the same if it inspires you! I was so sad to have to remove my other philodendron from the front yard, but it had grown out completely out of the flower bed, leaving only the roots in there and it looked terrible. I still don't know what to put in that flowerbed, but most likely will be a big pottery with something in it, not on the ground.

And tonight we had a night visitor, Mr Sapo. A big fat toad that comes for dinner by the front door:

There's at least 4 of them, but this one is the biggest. Great bug killer, talk about an organic solution :oD

Tomorrow I will post pictures of the portrait I'm painting. I'm liking her so far :o)


  1. Hey Martha ;o) You've been busy! I don't think I could take that heat! But, this week, we are suppose to be getting the heat like you have! And, with it, lots of humidity! Not looking forward to it! Getting a lot of my gardening done today! Tell kitty not to go to the bathroom in the garden and put rocks where the dogs are digging ;o) I love rocks ;o) Mr Sapo is very cute ;o) The philodendron is beautiful. Never seen anything like that! Have a great cool day ;o)

  2. The only thing that makes this bearable is that it's dry heat at least. Here is not as humid as the East, but nevertheless, hot is hot, right?
    Yes, we have bricks now in place... let's see how they dig that! ha!

    As for the philodendron, usually they have only the "banana" looking pods, but this one opens like a calla lily, and is so big! so far it's been there close to a week, very pretty.


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