June 21, 2011

Tuesday, tuesday....

I'm having a Monday feeling on Tuesday. Why oh why you might ask. Well, we spent the Monday as a Sunday, doing all kinds of fun things, and the result is that today the kids are smashed on their beds still LOL I am just happy they don't have a class today, because they are completely and totally tired.
We went to my MIL (3 hours driving north), then went south shopping in another town (hours walking) then like if we had all the time in the world (which always feels like that in summer) we went to Tehachapi. Now let me tell you, we were 102 in my little hot part of the world... but in the mountains they were 71. And it smells so good! The only thing is that mosquitoes seems to think the same when they see me and try to bite me every where at the same time, (most have been all that ice cream I ate on father's day!) so today is a scratchy Tuesday. :oP
News! The adobe house painting found a home in Mexico with Naomi! It was a fun painting to do, lost of soft smoothing, then lots of impasto. Rich dessert colors, inspired on an image I wish I knew from where...

Now as for the angel painting. That is too muted I think. I wanted like always go and add strong color, but my instructor at that workshop wanted all muted colors. I'm always looking for some contrast, even if I like soft calm paintings as well. When you see it by itself it is a very pretty face of an angel. Not too closely resembling the original picture I took of my broken sculpture over a rug (Oh! for those asking about the angel, it did get the wing back! it is a wooden sculpture and I hammered it to place).
This could be one I can keep painting on top, as it is very lean oils. If by the end of the month it is still here, I think I will play with the sky color and highlight a bit more.

OK, I never click publish post so here I am again. It is 105 (41C) out here.... No wonder I was feeling kind of tired! I still went around doing some errands just before it was oven hot and now I have dinner ready. I should have made just sandwiches, but I had planned on turkey "guisado". Here's a picture:

Turkey cooked on olive oil, add 1 bag of frozen green beans, tomato sauce, and simmer for 20 mins.
I am not crazy about cooking so everything I make has to be fast, yummy and easy to clean :o)

Now I will enjoy some well deserved ice tea! Cheers!


  1. Oh yum Martha! Looks delish! Mmmm, I can smell it over here. It's been hot over here too. It's 103 right now. You won't catch me outside that's for sure. Have a great rest of the week and sounds like you all had a blast.

  2. Gloria, I thought of you when I was publishing the picture, because you always have all those yummy food pictures hehehe

  3. Ohhh that does look nice!!! Quick and easy are two of my favourites especially with kids around!!!

    It's middle of winter where I am and I'm not enjoying it!!! So icy and miserable really looking forward to summer now!!!

  4. I love guisados...my fav and like you, I like "fast!" I made a huge pot of beans last night and tonight, we're having fajitas...will have company in for the rest of the week, so need to come up with something fast and stay cool at the same time.

  5. Martha that looks so yummy! Have a wonderful day ;o)

  6. Hmm, that looks delicious.

  7. Thank you ladies! I made so much that it lasted a couple of days, and I have to say it takes even better overnight! ;o)

  8. Ohh, it looks so delicious!(and the recipe sounds really healthy and easy - what a great meal!)


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