June 14, 2011

Wasn't it just yesterday...?

I took my baby daughter to register for a summer class in high school. Feels to me it should be kindergarten! Even if she now is taller than me, it just doesn't feel right that she will start high school... Too soon! Too fast! Some one please, pass me the salts!

Well, I will skip the fainting to say thanks to my buddy Karen Anne! She will have Sasha with her soon. I am so happy it goes to her home!  The angel and the adobe house are still up for grabs HERE

I have some ACEO in the making, but somehow my muse lost her GPS again so here I am simply waiting for her to arrive to her destination.  I blame it on Panz√≥n. He is enjoying his summer a bit too much.

 Another paparazzi interrupting my nap...

How is your summer so far?


  1. Oh what a sweet picture. Time is a strange thing, the older you are the faster it goes.
    You look great on that foto. I never saw you before and now I recognize that the painting in your banner is a self- portrait. Isn´t it?
    Haver a great day

  2. Hi Janine! Always so nice to hear from you! Thanks for your nice comment :o) The banner I guess it was an unconscious/accidental self portrait. I painted a Frida years ago and had more like my face, so I decided to take it for a logo :oD
    So you are right!!

  3. Time flys doesn't it! My baby is getting married this fall. Crazy!!

  4. Sasha arrived today - thank you sooooooooo much for your loving generosity.

    Seeing this photo of you, I must say ... Sasha bears a striking resemblance to her creator!

    So far summer is off with a big bang of Sweet and Sour. I much prefer the Sweet, receiving Sasha was definitely in the "Sweet" catagory.

    My "Fairy Friends" seem to have mislaid my GPS ... I really need to find it so I can find my way out of this artistic block! LOL!

    Take care good friend and Thank You again.

    Big Hugs!
    Karen Anne

  5. Kimberly, congrats on the upcoming wedding!!

    Karen Anne, great to hear you got the Sasha painting! You are very welcome, and I'm very happy to know you like her and it's yours now. :oD

  6. My baby is even older - and still my baby ... and my baby kitty looked like that too ...

    ~ Diane Clancy


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