June 6, 2011

It's not you, it's me. . . . .

Over time we change, right? Our style changes, our likes and dislikes change... What you loved to do once, it's not "you" any longer... What you painted before has transformed to what you paint now. It's still a little bit of you, but there's more new you to come.
What do you do with old paintings that is not "you" anymore? Destroy them? Donate them? I don't think I can repaint, at least not all of them.

I don't see myself burning them like Gary (I'm not that brave plus I live in California and don't want to get a fine for burning!) lol I know some artists routinely go and destroy what they don't like anymore but I don't see myself doing that any time soon.

At this point I am thinking of giving them away to someone that likes them, just pay the shipping....? If anyone is interested that is....! :oD

It can be anyone from anywhere, just as long as they like the painting, they want to have it and they agree on the shipping, which I am not planning to charge handling or anything..
Each is an oil on canvas, gallery wrapped.

This angel was painted after a wood sculpture I had that broke, and they way the wing broke looked cool to me so I painted it. It is a 18x24

This second one was actually painted on top of another painting I had made, but the first was a lean coat. 16x20 Portrait based on a singer named Sasha. Update: Sasha is not available anymore, she is going to Oregon :oD

Next is an exercise on texture with impasto, an adobe house. 16x20 oil on canvas:
Update: Not available anymore, it's on it's way to AZ and then MX :o)

I am not painting realistic anymore. I guess eventually I will go back to it, but for now I want to free up space and let them go.
So, if anyone is interested please make a comment saying which, separately give me the address so I can check the shipping (I am not going to publish the info here, don't worry) and will let the person know what the shipping is. Remember that if you live in another country you might have to pay some fee, some countries charge it, some don't.


  1. What a great idea Martha, Beautiful paintings. I especially love the painting of the singer. It's gorgeous. I don't have wall space left anywhere in my home I'm sure someone else will love them.

  2. Thanks Pam! I understand about the space! lol

  3. It's hard. Picture frames are my weakness. I have so many I should be banned from stores. lol

  4. noooo! You'll break their heart, they love you :oD They want you to have all their frames heheh

  5. Anonymous06 June, 2011

    Your art beautiful in all styles!

  6. Wow, your paintings are soo beautiful. I like your littele angel, I wonder how he can fly now.
    have a great day

  7. I like the angel as well! I hope he got his wing back!!!

  8. Martha, they are beautiful! May I ask, do they have to be framed? Just wondering if they are a wrapped canvas on a wood frame? Not sure if I am explaining my self right? LOL! Tell me what you think ;o) Take Care!

  9. Kimberly, the wing in the sculpture is back, I can take a picture of it. I love wood carved angels :o)
    Stacy, no, they do not need a frame. I painted the edges in same colors as the painting (not black which I usually do) They are canvas gallery wrapped style.
    Thanks for the nice comments!!

  10. I don't think I could destroy my former work either. I think that is a great idea to offer them for the shipping. I hope that works out really well! :)

  11. These paintings are mesmerizing.

  12. I am quite taken by "Sasha" .... if I could, I would dearly love to give her a place in my home.

    This is really odd, last night I had a dream and I began to awake and the names in my dream were Sasha and Pasha....I kept wondering what I had to do with a Sasha or a Pasha, names I had never really ever even thought about before and just now I read your email saw your beautiful painting and was stunned. Wow!

    I live in Portland, Oregon ... my zip is 97213. I would consider it an honor to provide a loving home for your "Sasha".

  13. Sounds great! I will check the shipping on Monday and will contact you :o)

  14. Oh Wow! That would be totally awesome! :-)

  15. Sasha arrived today! HooRay! Wow - she is stunningly beautiful! The photo in the blog just didn't do justice to this exquisite painting. Thank you so much for your extreme generosity.

  16. Wow, Martha, this is a very generous offer!! My dad died awhile ago so I am getting some things from his walls - I already have NO idea where THEY are going ... so I don't feel like I can bring in more (I am already stretching the patience of my partner and I understand that!!)

    Thank you though - lovely paintings!! ~ Diane Clancy

  17. Did you find a home for the adobe house? If not, my home would be perfect. I live in northern Mexico... (address is USA). My Mexico casita is featured here:


    Just scroll down that page and you will see a story and photos....

  18. It is yours, I hope you like it Naomi!


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