May 11, 2012

11 of 29 faces

I made a pencil sketch and played with the filters. This is the result:

So many people have told me they can't make a face, many let me know they wanted to participate in the challenge but didn't know how to make a face.... or they don't like the kind of portrait they can manage... I am preparing some easy workshops to show how.

I actually have been experimenting with the camera and editing  since that time I was invited to make a class. I am still trying  to make an easier class for people that really have not made a face before but want to learn.

What I have made so far is for people that know from little to advanced, but I want to work on one that will be for beginners as well.
Once I'm ready, expect a giveaway! :o]


  1. Wow love this sketch. I am very new to portraits, I keep at it, the more you do like anything else the better you get. I felt fear at first but it is so much fun and every time a new face emerges I feel a sense of pride and accomplishments. When my husband remarked one did you do that? I felt very pleased.
    Thank you for this challenge, it really has opened many new avenues for me in my art.
    Lesley ♥

  2. Oh your little sketch is very pretty Martha... and your new classes sound wonderful...

    Jenny x

  3. I have thought all of my life that I couldn't draw a face. Then, one day I tried for real and.... they are not portraits like those of my father, but I CAN draw a face. :))
    Lovely sketch!

  4. I love playing around with sketches using filter etc. This face challenge is really popular and it's very kind of you to go out of your way to help beginners. You must have a clone ;)

  5. I love this face Martha! Thanks for making an easy workshop! Very kind of you! Hope you are having a Happy Mother's Day ;o) Oh, did I her giveaway? ;o))))

  6. Really nice sketch, great idea to do workshops for beginners, sometimes people just need a little coaxing to get them on their way!

  7. A lovely sketch! :)

  8. Great idea to make tutorials! For me I don't feel that I can draw anything very well and so faces just scare me and I stay far far away LOL I love to do abstracts most of the time lately!


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