May 6, 2012

Captcha and face 6

Please, please, pleeeeze turn off the "captcha"! It is not reader friendly, and in many blogs  -not all-  it shows behind a window that we have to go and find the up and down bar to show the verification words.... ugh!  (^L_^ )

                                 --If anyone needs help to turn that off click HERE

Now, for the face #6 of the challenge! She is finished today.... ta-daaaa!

I am going to start working on a little bigger size, even if I don't finish the whole thing in one day..... Are you all having fun? I am! ♥


  1. Oh she is a sweetie Martha... love her eyes and that she is holding a heart... adorable... and yes... having LOTS of fun...

    Jenny x

  2. Anonymous07 May, 2012

    Yours are all so cute!! I am really enjoying the challenge...(-:

  3. This is lovely martha, those big eyes and kiss curl are adorable!

  4. She is adorable!! I am having fun ;o)

  5. Your faces are so cute with their big eyes. I've been working on a journal sized 11 x 14 and it's taking me ages to finish a face. I may have to try doing what you did, use atc sized paper just to catch up.

    I agree on the captcha. It's not bad on the regular computer but on my Ipad, it hard to read and type in. I got mine turned off after you mentioned it on my blog and I realized I didn't see it because I was an admin.

    Thanks for the challenge. I'm learning a lot and finding a lot of new wonderful websites/artists.

    1. Thank you!
      Oh that captcha, they changed the 1 word into 2, and it got all complicated... Better to moderate postings than not let anyone post, with all the bugs :o}


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