May 21, 2012

More Donna in 29 Faces

For hours now, I have been editing videos, so there's very little time for painting, although I am working on painting stuff :o) ... does it make sense?
I am enjoying working on this Donna portrait, she has such a beautiful face, I hope I can do her justice!

This is the latest step...

And this other image is the step before I did some shading and the eyes:

Right now what I'm going to do is finishing my sunflower ACEO for the challenge, before I'm late! See you soon!


  1. She looks great...I like all the lively colors you put around her.

  2. Donna looks lovely, you are doing a great job, I am sure you will do her justice

  3. It never fails to surprise me how a portrait comes to life when the eye detail is added :D Beautiful!!! :D XXX

  4. Donna is coming along beautifully! I love your color choice.

  5. She is turning out beautiful!!!

  6. When I started doing videos, it was the editing that took so much more than I realized. Donna is coming along beautifully-love the colors- the shading- the pose- heck- all of it!


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