May 8, 2012

Face 8 of 29, and news

First the news! I won this month's 7 draw contest! yaay! I'm so happy! look HERE
Thanks Pam from Always Artistic to organize such a fun blog inspiration!

As for the face for the challenge, I have a preliminary pencil sketch. I probably will have time to work on it more tonight, but today was a busy day and right at this moment I have full house and came to hide in the computer for a while heheheh ;o)

If I can, I will update this post later, but if not, then I will come back tomorrow with  the next steps of this. Can you tell who she is? Very famous for her mysterious smile.

Well, my representation is a lot younger :oD
Thanks for visiting!


  1. What a great idea...a young Mona Lisa! Inspirational!

  2. Ha ha, yep Mona Lisa but with a broad smile :0) Wonderful Martha x

  3. Congratulations, Ayala!! :]
    Enjoy your prizes... well deserved I must say.
    Looking forward to the finished piece here too.

  4. Hahaha...awesome Mona Lisa :D..and congrats on the win :D XXX

  5. Great sketch Ayala,look forward to seeing her finished and congratulations on winning the draw

  6. Congrats on the win ;o))) Is it Mona Lisa?? I was going to say, Little Red Ridding Hood! LOL! Take Care ;o)

  7. very young, looks like that attitude started very early. LOL
    Great sketch Martha, can't wait to see it finished.
    Oh congratulations on your winnings.

  8. enjoying all of your faces & your challenge... VERY MUCH!
    ~ vicki xo

  9. Congratulations Martha! Hope you have fun with your prizes, your Earth Day aceo was adorable! What a sweet Monalisa!


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