May 7, 2012

Face 7, a witch!

This is a little witch that is going to fly to the post office tomorrow morning, no broom needed!


I actually stopped working on the other piece I intended to do today, to finish this rosy cheeked little girl, so I will show you tomorrow what's on my table :o)


  1. Cute, cute! Can't wait to see tomorrow's!

  2. She is just the cutest little witch!

  3. I love her ;o) BIG HUGS ;o) xoxoox

  4. Thank you girls! Hugs back at ya Stacy!

  5. Haha..a smile and a victory :D XXX

  6. She's cute! Reminds me a little bit of Kiki from Kiki's Delivery Service.

  7. She is very sweet with her cheeky smile and little winking eye, love her!

  8. A beautiful witch and she looks happy also! :)

    I would like to join 29 faces.. but is it important that the faces are of *today*, or can it be older? I have some faces I have drawn that I would like to share here on 29 faces.. from April the oldest one and up to now.. My blog is new and I'm doing a little update.. I have so many faces to upload, and 29 faces would be a good idea for that.. please tell me if it's possible or not..

    So long! :)
    Regards Viola.

    1. Thanks!
      Viola, you can include some older ones, but the point of the challenge is to try new things, push yourself to do some art every day, and bring more visitors to your blog if you are new to blogging. You don't have to finish the whole thing in one day if it is a big project, just post what you did for the day, and meet more friends. We are over 100 here, and in FB as well! :o) Come on in!


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