February 8, 2011

Before the day is gone!

I better post before another day is gone. This past weekend went to fast! We didn't seem to do much, but were too busy. By the time I turned around it was time to go to bed again.

I have been painting  and painting every time I have a chance. Isn't it funny how sometimes you never know when a painting is done, and some other times you know exactly the moment that it is finished?
Usually I have an idea of what I want for my paintings, but now that I am starting without a sketch, things are wild! I am obsessed with detail and tiny brushes, but I wanted to get my brush strokes more loose, so no pencil sketch for me and only large brushes. I have to say.... it is scary! :o)

Between other projects, I am participating in a collaborative painting group. I am shipping mine today to FL and I will post when I get one and what I do to it. SO exciting!

I know, it looks crazy! This is only the base colors to build from there... who knows how it is going to look at the end! I added some more mix media work to my flickr. I would LOVE to hear some opinions, so feel free to post there, or here :o)


  1. Martha, I love this! I actually love the way it looks now! Very different for you! Excellent!

  2. I do to Martha, like it the way it is now. The colors are great. Look forward to the finished product too. Take care and enjoy tomorrow.

  3. My hubby is always telling me to 'use the big brushes' but I'm worried about using up all my supplies LOL!! Martha I love the free flow of the pieces & the gorgeous jumble of rich colour & media, my opinion... (other than it looks great), is I can't wait to see what happens :)

  4. this is wonderful! a new direction, and veryvery cool so far :)

  5. I like the vibrant yellow, green, and red mixed with the more neutral brown/gold/black. Bold and classy at the same time.

    Makes me hungry for cherries, though. :~P

  6. This looks beautiful, I can't wait to see it at the end. I will pop on over to your flickr!

  7. Looks great so far! I need to get back into painting soon. My paints are all currently packed until I move, not sure when that will happen yet but I'm preparing ahead of time!
    Misfit Momma
    misfitmomma at gmail dot com


    un saludo!!

  9. I love your mixed media piece, Martha. I have never visited your blog before, just clicked on your icon on my sister's (Marlene's Musings) page.
    And, I NEVER know when I'm done with a piece! I even painted on a painting that I had done and had hanging on my wall for a year.


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