February 23, 2011

Twitter-Art-Exhibit (140 Charachters) in Moss, Norway

I had posted about the twitter exhibit before, but I just got an email from David Sandum about the Twitter-Art-Exhibit (140 Characters) in Moss, Norway with more pictures. I participated with 2 Frida Kahlo inspired paintings, and was so exited to hear one sold right away and the other one a few days later. This was for the benefit of their local children's Library and was a total success, having people from many countries sending art to help with funds. Here are some pictures:



 It was a total success... Congrats David!


  1. that is so very cool! and i can spot your fridas from a mile away, so lovely and so YOU :)

  2. What a nice comment, you made my day Xo)


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