February 22, 2011

Mailing and posting

Today I took a bunch of packages to the post office. All my OWOH giveaway prices from 3 blogs are shipped and some Etsy items, plus the first painting from the Round Robin. Oh, and I got some Chinese food on the way back.... my day is perfect so far!

This is the first painting of the Mixed Media Round Robin I love it! It also has a nice lace framing it, but didn't fin in my scanner.
by Dianna Reiter

And this is how it looks after I worked on it and mailed it to the next stop:


I will post the second painting soon, before I mail it to FL


  1. Wow Martha, amazing! Glad you are having a good day ;o)

  2. I really like what you did with her eyes....something mysterious...like Mona Lisa's smile....

  3. Thats a great idea, I wonder how that painting is going to look at the end.
    Have a great weekend

  4. Excellent Martha. I can hardly wait to see the finished product although already it looks prettttttty good. Have a great Sunday.


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