February 19, 2011


One of the best memories in my childhood was the bell of my grandmother's old wall clock. It was actually her father's, so it was quite old maybe from the 20's, 30's or so... and worked perfect. It would  play the bells marking the 15 minutes, 30, 45 and then the hour. Of course my favorite time was noon when the whole thing would play.
Then for the past ton of years I never heard it, and last night by accident, I bumped into a similar sound in a youtube video, had nothing to do with clocks or anything,  but a thousand images fell on my head and left me speechless. I imediately went to look for a full sound of that clock and found something very close to it.

I hear her in my heart every day. When I was older I would stop to visit her in my way to my evening classes in college, and later on, I would swing by from work if I had an errand close to her house, which was at least couple of times a week. And the clock would mark the time, you didn't even think of it.

I felt so blessed that my children got to meet her. :o)

This clock in the video doesn't look like the one she had, but the bells are very close. And I can tell you that after listening to a whole bunch of videos! :oP.

Do you have any memories triggered by sound? smell? even taste!


  1. Amazing how strong a trigger like that can be! There is a certain smell....of air and Earth....if my Husband has been driving with his windows down all day...and there is just the right amount of moisture in the air....

    It's a scent, that when it fills my nostrils, reminds me of when I was little and my Dad would come home from work....I'd run to hug him taking in that distinct and comforting scent that meant my Daddy was home...

    He rode a motorcycle, you see.... :)

  2. Oh that is so nice! Thanks for sharing it!

  3. Dumb maybe, but the scent that makes me suddenly five years old again is the smell of a mechanics garage...the motor oil/tire rubber/gasoline smell. I spent a lot of hours in and around a Texaco Gas station that my dad owned and where my mother did the books.

    Cool clock, btw. :~)

  4. oh, never a thing that brings us back to a happy time can be dumb :o)
    It can be called unexpected.
    I am enjoying so much this comments!

  5. Martha, what a beautiful memory! I have to say thank-you to you because I grew up with an old clock, that had the same charm. This brought back alot of memories for me!

  6. You are welcome! Isn't it a sweet sound? sniff sniff :o)

  7. What a cool memory! Thanks for sharing it!


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