February 2, 2011

Groundhog day!

Hello there! Well, happy groundhog day! Will he see his shadow?? Will the Spring come early?? Seems to me, groundhog or not, that with so much snow in many places, the Spring will not be early, definitely.

If you want to see the video for this year click HERE which is supposed to be a live feed, but I am not sure if they will save the video. I will check later.
I will celebrate by watching the movie "Groundhog Day" with Bill Murray and Andie McDowell.
So based on that, I made a painting with lots of cold blues, and a promise of warmth.
No it is not a fat rodent :oP

Here is another of my new paintings that is being offered in the OWOH blog event:

I have been having so much FUN visiting blogs from all over the world! This is so amazing, and I have met new blogs to follow, and I have my fingers crossed to win one of the ton of cool offerings. So sad it is the last year....
Click HERE to see my OWOH giveaway open till February 17th AND  it's not too late to fly in for a landing in the very last one and join the fun. If you are participating late, let me know, I will go visit your blog!


  1. Hi Martha. It is a lot of fun meeting all these people from all over. I just love your giveaways, especially the hands. Last year I did a series of hands and feet. Mine, tee hee. That's a beautiful painting for GroundHog day. Brightens things up. Take care, have a great cold day. It's cold over here. Take care.

  2. Hey Martha, the groundhog saw his shadow!! Spring is early, YEH!! Well, that was in Canada, don't know for you guys??

  3. Well, I can't complain... we are in the 60's today, (somewhere around 17 or so Celsius)even if at night it goes back to freezing. :o)

  4. The groundhogs are running for cover in Queensland, hang on, we don't have any LOL!!! Love the blues too your exotic woman is 'cool' in more ways than one :)

  5. I love that movie!!! These paintings are beautiful! ~ I really admire your hands, something I am always afraid to paint! : )

  6. Happy Ground Hogs Day, I love that movie but haven't seen it in many years.

    Such beautiful paintings. The OWOH sounds like a fun event!

  7. WHAT??? No fat rodent!!? :~)
    I love your painting, and I hope to win the hands!
    Be well,


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