February 28, 2011

Dollies on a journey part deux

This is my doll for the Eager Eagles TDP team. I had so much fun last year, that I entered two teams this year. I have to say the hardest part is the journal!! I am not into book making or anything, and most people send beautiful journals along with their doll. Sorry guys, mine is not a pretty book LoL
 OK, this is Violetta's story:

From the time she was a piece of cloth on the craft table, Violetta dreamed with art. She “grew up” between paint tubes, fabric swatches and art books.  She is quite an art lover!
Her favorite book is one of all the famous Madonna paintings from great classic artists and she loves all those mantles, soft fabric, angels and long hair.

For now she is a complete blank canvas, ready to be transformed and see if her dreams come true in the hands of her traveling doll project team:
From Ayala Art to The Land of HonahLee and jdconwell.

Her story is also very much blank, so it can go in any direction…
Violetta's favorite colors are of course violet, but also cobalt blue, sea green, jewel tones, all earth tones as well.

Her first trip will be from California to Ohio, then she will go to Texas and after that she will come back home… transformed.

She would love to look like a Renaissance Madonna
My dolls for the BBQs team is HERE


  1. Wow Martha! I think this is great and so much fun!!!

  2. I've already got some ideas for pictures of Violetta...can't wait to meet her!


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