May 13, 2011

Doll News and Traveling Updates

I have so many news on the traveling dolls! Some are stressing though... but I will start with the good stuff:

My twin dolls Zeb and Calee are having so much fun! They went to Texas running away from a bad experience, remember? Zeb acquired a mustache and a fancy jacket there. Well, this is their latest trip to Florida where Calee changed her looks, you have to see her eyes and tutu!

As for the WIP pictures of the crow doll Tshilaba, she is all done and ready to go:

Crow mask

Do you see a bird around here?
Without mask, visiting Wren and baby

As for the stressing news: We were just waiting for Violetta (my doll) to come back from TX, but she seems to be lost in the mail :o(  Same thing happened to Luna last year, remember the Iceland volcano with the unpronounceable name? She got stuck in the mail for almost a month! Please keep your fingers crossed and hopefully she will make it home safe.
And last but not least, a baby frog! Made by Carolyn, from the Touring Baby team... As soon as I opened that package she jumped out and told me "I'm the queen of the box!!!! (Titanic movie style).

~ So I guess I will make her a crown, what do you think?

P.S. I just noticed that a bunch of your comments in older posts are gone! What happened to blogger?


  1. Martha, everything is truly fantastic! I love all the dolls! The crow mask is so cute! And, please put a crown on the baby frog ;o) My fingers are crossed for Violetta ;o) Take Care!

  2. These are all very cool photos (& dolls), & definitely a crown or tiara would be a perfect finishing touch to that little frog sweetie ;) Well done Martha... have a great weekend!

  3. I feel dumb. Somehow I never knew you made dolls!

  4. Shelle, I do love your photos.. I have been trying to improve mine (with the help of my artistic younger kid) hehehe
    Christine, yes I make dolls since 2006-ish, because I wanted to make my ACEO girls into 3D. And I got hooked! (But still do not quite look like my ACEO) :oP

  5. The crow mask turned out fantastic!! I really hope your doll makes her journey home, safe and sound.

  6. Your dolls are so amazing! Each new doll is more and more beautiful!
    I would also say that the crow will be great.
    Some wierd things were happening on Blogger. I´ve got lost my recent post.

  7. Thanks Sissy Sparrows!
    Zlatica, yes! it's been days of blogger acting weird! :o(


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