May 17, 2011

She is here!

I am so thrilled at the moment! My finished doll Violetta arrived finally yesterday! She had been lost in the mail, took forever to get here from TX, but she arrived in perfect condition and she looks so pretty! Thanks Jenna and Jan for your beautiful work! I am very, very happy to have her, and this team was fun! But  it went just too fast!

Photo by Jan Conwell
And here with Tshilaba, before she went back home to Ohio:

As for other projects, for the past few days I have been too busy with some "easy" reorganizing of my kid's room. What was a half a day project ended up in a full week expedition to the past, along with a new piece of furniture and digging in the closet and a serious Spring cleaning. I got rid of tons of stuff, some was plain trash (how kids manage to keep wrappers for one solid year after they "vacuum" is a mystery to me) And tons of donation items (She grew up like a foot in the past months and nothing fits her anymore. Literally!) And I had been using one of the drawers in her dresser for all my babies' memorabilia. Well, no more. A teen's gotta have her space, so I had to go to memory lane, edit my baby mementos to a very basic little box, and re pack in my own closet LOL

I also went to open a new blog, just for paintings. Dolls are taking over everything :oD And by that I mean, virtually (in the blog) and locally as in kitchen, craft room, desk.... my goodness do they reproduce fast! :oP
So you are welcome to go visit, even if it is still an empty house. Soon it will have images and all the nice things that make a blog fun... like readers! :oD

I think I will start it with a bang: A giveaway! I will post details soon.


  1. I am soooooooo glad she made it safe and sound. I grew very attached to her while she was here, and the thought that she might be lost just made me sick.

    Love the picture with Tshilaba in her Crow Mask!

  2. Beautiful doll. Awesome! I look forward to your new blog. Take care.

  3. So glad she wasn't lost for good! Good thing she has wings :)

    Just thinking of my little girl one day being a teen is surreal. What a great Mom you are to give her some space and a fresh clean place.....fitting the favorites from her childhood into 1 small box must've been hard!

    Best of luck on the other blog, too! How exciting to have your creations overflow into a new bloggy home :)

  4. Fantastic doll and I love the crow girl too! New blog??? You busy girl! Hope it goes well!

  5. Violetta looks great cant wait till my girl gets home! Thanks again ladies it was fun.


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