May 27, 2011

New look.. Or a big mess?

I have been playing -again- with the blog internal options and mysteries behind the scenes. I was so afraid of moving to the new templates, and sure enough half my widgets do not work, and the follower box is empty.
So, please be patient, let me do the screaming myself ho ho ho

I basically made the switch (saving first my old html!) so I could add the new cool fonts in a "easier" way, which by the way seems easier, but they blink and switch into the selected style a few seconds later....? What's up whit that??  *sight* and here I thought I had a fast connection...

Expect more changes within the next seconds, days and maybe even weeks. Do not be too surprised if I go back to my old template. I guess this is like when you get a dramatic hair cut. Takes time to get used to it.
But the weird part is that it looks one way in my screen, it looks different in the portable (with Opera browser) and yet a different way in the office screen. Huh...?

I am going to change it back to 3  columns again. Please tell me if you can see the follower box and the random post box!

After this, I will need a serious dose of chocolate therapy :o)


  1. Hi Martha. It's a little too light. I mean it's fine but at the top, you can't see the words under your banner. Color, gotta have color!!:)))Whatever floats your boat. Tee hee.

  2. Hey Martha, I agree with Gloria, it is a little too light and I can't see the follower box and the random post box?

  3. Well, my idea was to make it very subtle, but then it looked silly with my other text in the logo... I am not very happy with this :oB

  4. Oh man, just hearing about your plight makes me want to "make-do" with things as they are...haha!

    I can see the followers :)

  5. Cameron, it will be funny later on, maybe! Right now I just feel all crossed eyed :oP
    Seems like the follower box was not due to my doing, but a blogging problem, because I heard of 2 more people talking about it.
    I saw them last night, they are gone today again! Weird....


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