May 30, 2011

Painting awesomeness

 I like all kinds of painting styles. Maybe the two I like less is the extremes, like photo-realism, or complete abstract with just one spot in the canvas. Although I can see the beauty on them (some anyway) I am not attracted to paint that way personally.
But no matter what style or technique, it always has to start from nothing and be built from layers and at one point it looks weird and scary... and in my case I always like to "know" what the end result will be, so it can be a really scary step LOL
And here's a nice advise and comforting words from Mystele (always a lot of fun to watch painting):

Image taken with her permission, thanks Mystele!
So when you find yourself in an ugly, scary, weird part of the process in your painting, just keep going, and finish your story!

For a while dolls have been on my table and my mind but in the past couple of months I painted on canvas a little bigger than my scanner, so I had to take pictures and I'm not quite happy with the lighting. I need to take better pics so I can upload. Or edit a bit with he photo program until  I am happy with the results.

I am slowly but surely moving all my doll related things to the new Doll Blog (in caps, so it looks all important) So you all are invited to visit HERE.

I hope everyone is having a nice Memorial day (US).


  1. Beautiful advice Martha! I hope you are having a great day! Take Care!

  2. We had a nice day, the weather was beautiful, thanks!

  3. Very true....I always say I go thru love/hate stages with whatever piece I'm working on at the time :)

    Persevere....and you can create magic!

  4. Great post about the layers and so true!!

  5. What wonderful words of permission to delve into the layers of our mind's eye. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  6. I find myself moving into the painting realm too; although, dolls are still at the center of what I do. Layers when painting or making multi media art reminds me of people. We have so many layers ourselves. What we once made changes over time to paint a new us.

  7. The most wonderful, liberating thing I have learned as an artist is that nothing is precious! This has enabled me not to be afraid to paint parts (or even entire paintings) that don't seem to be working. When I was an art student in college, I changed my major to education because my perrfectionism made me feel so inadequate. This was, perhaps, the best thing I could do for myself as an artist, although it didn't feel like it at the time. Twenty five years of telling my students that there is "no such thing as a mistake in art" finally convinced ME it was true. Being able to embrace my happy accidents has brought me more success than my attempts to be a perfect painter ever did!


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