May 18, 2011

There are no borders

Dear friends... I want to share this with everyone that has ever felt  blocked, out of ideas or simply down. If you understand Noruegan you can navigate in the site. If not, just click to come back here:

It will make you happy, and hopefully will make you go create something today if you were feeling a bit blocked.

I always go from painting, to drawing to sculpting. I can't help it.... I love those 3 things just the same, although I play favorites all through the year. I might take more time for months sculpting, then I go back to painting for  a while, then to drawing. Neither of those 3 forms have the same style, regrettably LoL
Sometimes I wish there was more uniformity in my creations, but alas, my muses are not only dyslexic but also obsessive and very capricious.

Commercially, they say it's wrong for a business. And I guess they are probably right, since my listings go slow, and I probably confuse any  potential buyers... but if I don't do what I love, and do it with joy.... then I don't see the sense on doing it.

Spread your wings and let your imagination fly today :o)


  1. Fantastic Martha! I needed this post today! I love that little cartoon! So right! Thanks so much and have a great creative day! Hugs!

  2. Your work has more of a unifying element than you realize...your use of color, proportion, shape. Not a pigeon holey type, but a similarity that marks it as yours.

  3. I agree with the other posts. Thank you for sharing a universal dilemma of many artists including myself.

  4. Hey Martha, I did post yesterday, but I guess it got lost with blogger being down? I just wanted to say, I loved that cartoon! "There is no borders!" Take Care ;o)

  5. wow... I had like more 4 comments! What happened to them!? Blogger went crazy yesterday :o(

  6. Yes, blogger was having a bad time but not your creative work.

    Thank you for sharing your artistic journey. I think most artists can relate...

  7. Thank you for sharing your artistic journey...

  8. Oh I loved those thoughts, thank you for the Jelly Vampire link, soooo worth a visit (or 2)...
    Martha I hate pigeon holes, if actor's appear in the 'same' roles over & over it's dull, no one tells them they can only do westerns, or scifi, or drama... look at Robert DeNiro, the BETTER the actor the more different things they do... look at the artist DaVinci & Michelangelo the painted sculpted did architecture, drew, doodled, invented... they didn't stay in their borders, they stretched them so far they disappeared... the boring 'business' people like to put things in boxes, I believe we artists can't stand them & suffocate if forced or passively step in :( Love the Jellybeans art, it shows we ourselves can be our greatest problem, so hang on tight & just go for it :)

  9. Great post! I think when we're artists, it just comes out of us in all sorts of ways.


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