March 11, 2012

Working on it

I have another Modigliani painting, but I need a good picture of it. The lighting is horrible at the moment, and the painting is too big for my scanner, ugh! :o)
But, I do have another painting to show you....
Remember the last WIP I posted for the 29 faces challenge? See it HERE It turned into a boy:

Frankly, it surprised me, because I was expecting a girl ;oD I guess with enough painting it could still happen, but the eyes and the lack of hair told me to stop there. It just needed a strong color and after trying a few, the only one that convinced me was this Cadmium red:

He has very thoughtful eyes, my daughter said he's a bit creepy :oP
The Frida in the chair is done too, and the one with the gourd as well. I need to scan and also list in my Etsy shop


  1. I think he's got very Modigliani eyes! I just posted my first two Mo's.
    Will ink them up tomorrow.

  2. I think he is precious ;o) Great work Martha!

  3. Oh, I just love this charmer!!!
    thanks for stopping by my place and have a great week!!!

  4. He looks deep in thought, and very intelligent to me.


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