February 29, 2012

Day 29, leap year

Well, this extremely fun 29 faces challenge has come to the last day, sadly.
I want to thank everyone that participated making art, and making blog visits and posting. Can't imagine a  better way to celebrate a leap year than with art (ok, maybe with chocolate too!) I made new friends, tried new techniques, admired the work of other artists. Pure joy!

For today, my face is a very lose and splashy beginning of a figurative painting. I didn't want to end the 29 faces challenge, so I am going to leave it in a work in progress, with the promise that there's more to come :o)


I also have another WIP, but in this case I worked on the background first, and sketched a figure later. 

This is not the end, it's the chance for another beginning :o) Don't stop painting/drawing/creating!
I am going to make a slideshow video with all my 29 faces, with all the WIPs finished. I will post it when ready, thank for visiting!


  1. ...and thank you so much Ayala :D It's been a real pleasure :D XXX

  2. Oh wow so wonderful paintings- great faces! I specially adore your Frida painting!

    xxx Susi
    Flower -Month at Art Journal Journey

  3. Thank you SO much for hosting such a wonderful challenge! I had to play catch up but I got the rest done today.

  4. Thank you so much for this Challenge I got so much from it and it certainly has not stopped me carrying on with a face a day! Also I want you to know that I may not always have been here to comment, life is so full for me, but I have certainly wanted to. I love your art and I will be back to see how things are develloping!
    See you soon!!!

  5. Gorgeous again Ayala... thank you for such a wonderful challenge... I have loved every minute... drawing every day for a month has made me realize even more just how much I love it...

    Jenny x

  6. Thank you so much for hosting this awesome challenge! I've been out of touch with commenting but I plan on going through and looking at everyone's awesome work as soon as I get the chance :)

    (I still have to complete my faces 27-29, but I have midterms this week)

  7. Hi Ayala, I've certainly enjoyed this challenge, the first one I ever participated in. It amazed me how much work it was, because i thought I made art every day already. Well, turns out I didn't. It was great to meet all the other artists, and I'm sure I'll keep returning to some of the blogs I discovered. Thanks for organising this!

  8. The faces were wonderful. I can't wait to view your slideshow of all 29! :-)

  9. Beautiful!! :]
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts, the process of your work, and shedding inspiration to others, what a journey! :]

  10. Thanks so much for hostessing! I'm posting the last of my faces tomorrow as part of PPF. I've gotten a ton of confidence and fun out of this project.

  11. Thanks so much for a great challenge!! I loved seeing all of your, and your daughter's, fun and wonderful faces.

    I really enjoyed the challenge, tried new techniques, sketched more faces than ever and think that as a result that my face sketching ability has improved. Thank you for that!

  12. Amazing WIP work, Martha. I am looking forward to seeing the whole collection of faces. I wish I had joined in on the 29 faces. Maybe you can do a 31 faces for May or something. Faye

  13. Great works in progress Martha ;o) Can't wait to see all the faces together ;o)

  14. Congratulations on a wonderful experience in drawing portraits... lovely works. Peace, mary helen fernandez stewart

  15. Thank you so much. This has been the first challenge that I have done through the whole thing. Not missing one day. Thank you so much.


  16. Love it Martha! Great works of faces. You've done a wonderful job in creating and also having everyone join and have fun. Congrats on your success!

  17. This was an amazing challenge - thanks so much for hosting. I didn't think I'd get them all done, but am happy to say I did! So, thank you for the motivation to finish! :)

  18. Thanks for hosting the fun 29 Faces Challenge, Ayala! I had a great time with them even thought I only made it to 27. I've enjoyed looking at your work and meeting new, wonderful creatives!

    1. 27 is great, thanks for participating!

  19. Congratulations on completing your 29 faces challenge.


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