April 16, 2012

Finished painting

Just to recapitulate... Remember the Frida I mentioned HERE ?
Well, this is the finished painting. I was done long time ago but not scanned. I am slowly but surely check-marking my to do list :o)

I don't know about you, but I always love to see up close the tiny details in a painting! So here is a close up detail....

And this is a picture shows a previous layer (acrylics on 12x9 watercolor paper):
I feel sad for the painting at the first steps, as they look so furlong without the eyes.

And... hold on tight to your pencils and brushes!! Since so many people are inquiring and are interested in doing again the 29 faces challenge, well, let's do it again!
Prepare to attack those canvas, papers and journals, because in MAY we start the 29 faces II. It's Mother's day/month, but you have 2 spare days to wiggle around and still work on this challenge.
I will be posting the icon/button soon!
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  1. She's beautiful! I love seeing close ups too, thank you for sharing.

  2. Wow, so much detail and beauty in this art! She's gorgeous!

  3. Stunning Martha!! She is so pretty! Beautiful ;o) Oh, I can read everything on your blog ;o) Yeh! Thanks so much ;o) I can't see flowers, but I can see the writing, that's the main thing ;o) I will think about the 29 faces, because I didn't think I could do animals before, but I see a lot of people did. Take Care ;o)

  4. It's a beautiful painting! I'm excited about getting in on this 29 faces challenge since I missed out on the last one. I was HOPING you would do another! I've even collected some images to use as models. I'll be checking back for the button! Starting May 1st, I presume?

    Have a great day!

    1. Yes, lets aim for the 1st of May. :oD

  5. Its a lovely painting. It is fun seeing the details up close. Thanks for your comment on my blog post.

  6. Wonderful art Martha & great news on the next 29 faces - hopefully I'll succeed this time ;)

  7. She is great!!! Getting all geared up for May!!!!!

  8. She is absolutely beautiful!!! and WOOHOO!!!! COME ON MAY!!!! :D XXX

  9. Love it more than the original :)

  10. How funny, I was working on this same painting this week in ACEO size and wasn't happy with it and tore it up. Love yours!

  11. Thanks everyone! I think I'm still going to play with this piece yet :o)
    Geri, I wish i had seen your piece before you tore it!


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