July 8, 2013

Cutting a stamp

I've been wanting to carve a stamp for a long time now, since my kids went to a summer class and came back with this awesome designs. I already was doing woodcarving, so I had all these carving tools. (✿◠‿◠)
So, first thing, I have to come up with a carving idea, and what better than a face?
But I got stuck in the hair part, since I was not too convinced of making her with long hair or an up do.
I still don't carve it, but I think I now know which one I want to do.
The top left is a pencil sketch on the board, and the rest are digital images with some modifications.



*Hint, will have even hair and maybe a moon ;o)


  1. You are on your way.... I am getting ready to have cataract surgery very soon....I had a feeling the Lupus was affecting my left eye but both eyes have been compromised. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

    1. I wish you a quick recovery! Blessings

  2. I would love to try this too, but I am such a klutz when doing fine detail work (not to mention sharp tools)! LOL Maybe one day...it is on my to do list for one day soon I hope. Looking forward to seeing your finished stamp and how you use it.

  3. Very nice... can't wait to see your finished stamp.

  4. Very informative, I loved the coloured version. When I make stamps I use art lino or very thin mdf board, they are not so floppy and hold the edges well with repeated use.


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