July 29, 2013

Saying good bye to the overbearing black bar

Some of you know already that I never really liked the Gogle+, particularly the uninvited overbearing black bar on top.

With almost 3 million people agreeing I was not alone. (see the results number?)
I'm not sure how anyone could think that having that bar all over the sites, could make people happy. Yes, it uniformed their sites, but I do not want it in my browser thank you very much.

I tried to find out as much as possible about the results of leaving G+. I was so upset to learn that once in, it was like Hotel California.... "you can never leave". ლ(ಠ_ಠლ)
It said at the time, that once in, if you deleted the account, you would lose ALL associated sites and services. Imagine my delight. My blog! My youtube channel... flickr, iGoogle, photo albums, Followers... etc etc etc. That was a scary thought, if only virtual in value.

I guess they were bombarded by many postings because they changed the settings from "no can do" into "we will attempt to set things the way they were" so I changed my email for the blog just in case. I had not changed my profile to the "new google profile" mostly because by then I was mad at google+, and that was a good thing, because it is more difficult when you have the accounts joined with it!
So basically, undo the joining of accounts, (like in youtube for example), change momentarily the email to your blog (a pain, I know, but it helps), then go to the Google Account Management, settings, and from there select either  to delete just the plus, or the entire thing. In my case, it was just  the G+, and only after I insured it was not going to drag my blog into the mix.
My "Profile widget" was gone until I removed the other new email, and I added my old one back, then everything went back to normal.

Now my browser  is back to normal, with no black bar on top everywhere I go. I'm very happy. ٩(◠◡◠)۶  Maybe in the future they will do some new thing I'd like to use, at  this point their social networking site did not feel private to me, was too repetitive, like when you get a FWD repeatedly and has all those little extra lines... ugh!

I recommend to try out any site, but with an email that you won't care if they get nuts on your account, just in case (•‿-)


  1. So glad you removed it... I may try it one day soon if I get the energy lol, but I am on a lot of Google sites, so I'd have to be careful.

    I also hate the new header on yahoo groups, it's a thick bar as well.

    1. I am too Pam, that's what had me stressed, to think that it would mess up everything, but I think they fixed that part well, so far no problems :o)

  2. I have G+ but don´t use it as I don´t "get it". I still keep my accounts separate just in case.
    Glad to know you are happier with the new arrengements. :)

    1. Thanks! I never really got it either. Too complicated visually. Yes, I always keep things separate but this time I didn't and see what happened lol :oP

  3. I disabled G+ once, and because I was in a rush, and never read the warnings..I deleted my youtube account in the process. :/ I don't like G+, especially since you have limited space to post things, and once it's full, you have to pay Google for more space. Nah..I'm not going to do that!! But, there was good news..I did get my youtube account up and working again. All my videos were marked private, and I had to make them public again, one by one. Other than that, all is well, tho. :)

    1. Oh that is terrible! After all the work it takes to make a video! I'm happy to hear you got the channel back running, so stressing!

  4. Martha, I love the manufactured emoticons you have in this post. I can't figure out what letters, numbers, keys, etc. you have used. I especially like the lone that looks somewhat like Kilroy as in Kilroy was here, that was prevalent in WW2. I never got into Google+ and hate that I can't leave comments on the posts. I figure if it is connected to Google at all, I should be able to comment. Thanks for visiting my blog today.


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