July 27, 2013

Organizing, downsizing

So, in an ongoing effort to organize, I will be also downsizing.
I have these beautiful gourds ready to paint, cut, sculpt, doll-up... you name it, they are ready. I thought of offering them in the blog and in FB first. And maybe later I will think of ebay and Etsy....

Oh, since they have seeds and are HUGE, I can only ship to the US.
I am asking only $10.00 each, except #5 which is $15.00

*Please share this post and see if any artsy soul is looking for awesome gourds. They look nice as they are, but stained or painted would be beautiful too.

Here are the pictures, (keep clicking after the page brake!) contact me for shipping. Paypal only ♥  (◠‿◠)✌





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  1. Those are beautiful gourds. If I wasn't moving, and didn't already have 127 gourds in my art room I would take you up on this offer.
    These are perfect for beading on.

  2. Gorgeous gourds. I don't think I can do any gourd painting at this time so I pass on your generous offer. Thanks for your lovely comment on my PPF post.

  3. These are cool Martha! Too bad I live in Canada! Good luck on selling them!

  4. They are beautiful Martha. Frida would look lovely on one of them. Yes, good luck with selling them. Take care and have a great Hot Sunday.:) tee hee. It's going to be hot.

  5. I do have a friend who uses gourds. I will forward this to her if they are not already gone. I am also busy with a possible move that necessitates clearing out and downsizing. I find it slow going with the bone-on-bone shoulders, but will persevere! :0 Thank you for your comment on my blog.


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